Enterprise Acquiring

Payment Guarantee for the Enterprise Acquiring customer adds a full suite of merchant processing features to Vesta’s Payment Guarantee solution.

Enterprise Acquiring performs the following functions as a unique channel:

  • Full Service Transaction Processing - Vesta handles all aspects of transaction processing including settlement, reconciliation, bank deposits, and refunds and works with multiple acquirers to provide backup transaction processing services in cases of processor outages.
  • Fraud Detection - Vesta analyzes device, behavioral, and transaction data to identify and reject fraudulent transactions before they are submitted for approval.
  • Chargeback Management - Vesta manages all aspects of the chargeback process including logging, deposit adjustments, and disputes as well as providing a guarantee for all fraud-related chargebacks.


Incorporating transaction processing with our fraud prevention tools can provide the following benefits:

  • Improved Fraud Detection - Handling the relationship with acquiring banks gives us additional data to enhance our fraud detection capabilities.
  • Increased Transaction Acceptances - Improved fraud detection means rejecting fewer good transactions, and with Enterprise Acquiring, we connect with backup transaction processors in the event of outages.
  • Reduced Compliance Requirements - Our transaction acquiring services and our hosted payments page enable us to handle most of the compliance requirements for you.
  • Enhanced Regulatory Maintenance - We keep track of changing regulations and update our transaction processing and fraud detection services so that you do not have to.
  • Improved Customer Experience - We use our fraud detection expertise to reduce friction during customer authentication and increase transaction acceptance rates.


Enterprise Acquiring includes the following features:

  • Hosted Payment Page - Embed our transaction processing services in your application to reduce your exposure to PCI requirements.
  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) - Our SCA features improve our risk decisioning capabilities and meet all identity verification requirements. Our 3DS support fulfills the requirements established by the GDPR.
  • vPortal - Dashboards and reports provide insight into chargebacks and fraud and make it easy to manage your Vesta account.
  • Support - Vesta’s applications run on a secure, highly-available network operation center (NOC), which provides a 24/7/365, real-time payment service monitoring solution. In addition, backup acquirer services ensure transactions can be processed even if one acquirer experiences an outage.

In addition to the features described above, Enterprise Acquiring includes access to all of our eCommerce Extensions and additional features.

More Info

See the following pages for additional information:

  • How It Works - Descriptions of the technology that Vesta uses to protect your business and example workflows that show how to seamlessly integrate Enterprise Acquiring with your application.
  • Integration - Step-by-step developer guides that cover setting up your Enterprise Acquiring account and integrating the Enterprise Acquiring services with your application.