Hosted Payment Page

The Hosted Payment Page (HPP) gives your customers an easy way to submit a payment to your business by displaying a payment form as an iFrame on your checkout page or as a separate payment page. The HPP gives you a way to add secure payment features to your website while limiting your exposure to PCI regulations.

The HPP documentation includes all of the information you will need to configure the HPP and integrate it as part of your website:

  • Implementation Overview - A high-level description of how the HPP works as part your application.
  • Prerequisites - A list of requirements that you must have in place before implementing the HPP.
  • Configuration - A step-by-step guide detailing how to use the vPortal to configure the appearance and features of the HPP.
  • Integration - A detailed guide for adding the HPP to your web application.


Vesta’s HPP includes the following features:

  • Customizable Payment Forms and Email Receipts - Ensure that the appearance of the HPP matches your branding by setting the logo and colors that the payment form displays.
  • Vesta’s Fraud Protection and Risk Management - Apply all of Vesta’s fraud protection features and receive the same Zero-Fraud Guarantee for every accepted transaction without any additional API requests.
  • Automated Secure Customer Authentication and Identity Challenges - Perform Secure Customer Authentication by automatically sending the transaction to 3DSecure authentication when required. If a transaction requires an identity challenge, the HPP automatically walks the customer through obtaining and entering a one-time passcode.
  • Apple Pay Support - Provide your customers with an additional way to pay for purchases by accepting Apple Pay without any additional integration steps.
  • Billing Address Collection and Automated Tax Retrieval - Support guest checkout by collecting billing address information directly in the payment form. If the customer changes the billing address during checkout, the HPP retrieves the new tax amount from a webhook that you configure in the Vesta Portal.
  • Installment Payments - Offer 3, 6, 9, or 12 month installment payment plans without any additional coding on your end. Vesta handles the recurring payment solution for you.
  • Deffered Payment Confirmations - Wait to charge your customer’s card until after the order has shipped. This can improve customer satisfaction, support backorders, and give you time to ensure that the transaction was not fraudulent before filling the order. For deferred confirmations, the transaction will remain open for up to 5 days. You must confirm the transaction using the Disposition endpoint of the Enterprise Acquiring REST API, or on the transactions lookup screen in the the Vesta portal.
  • Localization - Set the display language of the payment page using the LocaleCode field in the body of your request to the OrderCreate endpoint.

Implementation Overview

The steps below describe the checkout process using HPP:

  1. When your customer completes shopping and is ready to check out, display a web form to collect any additional information that is required by the OrderCreate endpoint.

  2. When your customer is ready to pay, send a POST request to the OrderCreate endpoint of the HPP REST API with the customer details in the body of the request.

    The OrderCreate response includes a URL for the payment form.

  3. Redirect your customer to the payment form URL or display the URL in an iFrame on your checkout page.

    Note: In order to offer Apple Pay as a payment option, you must redirect your customer to the URL. The Apple Pay option cannot be offered when you display the payment page in an iFrame.

    Your customer enters payment details, and updates the billing address, if needed. Vesta assesses the transaction for risk and submits the payment for processing. If the customer edited the billing address, Vesta retrieves the updated tax amount from the webhook URL that you set and updates the tax amount to be charged.

    When Vesta finishes processing the transaction, Vesta POSTs the results to the Order Status webhook URL that you specify during setup, and, if needed, redirects your customer to a confirmation page that you specify.

  4. Display a page informing your customer of the results of the transaction and handle order fulfillment as normal.

See the Configuration and Integration pages for details about how to incorporate the HPP into your application.


Contact your Integration Specialist to set up a walkthrough of the Hosted Payment Page and to enable it for your account.

In order to use HPP in your application, you must ensure that the following items are in place before proceeding with the integration:

  • Enterprise Acquiring Account - HPP requires an enterprise acquiring account so that Vesta can submit transactions for processing on your behalf.
  • API Password - You must send your API password with every request that you make to the Vesta APIs. Obtain your API password by navigating to the Settings page of the Vesta Portal and selecting API Keys from the Developer Settings pane.