Vesta Platform

The Vesta Platform provides a simplified integration process and new features that make it easy to decrease fraud and increase revenue by accepting more good transactions. The Vesta Platform includes the Vesta Payment Guarantee and Vesta Payment Protect products, which leverage Vesta’s decades of experience dealing with transaction fraud to design machine learning models that do an exceptional job distinguishing between good and fraudulent transactions.

Use the following resources to get started with Vesta Payment Guarantee or Vesta Payment Protect:

  • Vesta Payment Guarantee - Add guaranteed revenue for approved transactions to Vesta’s industry leading fraud detection and prevention tools.
  • Vesta Payment Protect - Vesta’s fraud detection tools make it easy to accept more good transactions and reject fraudulent ones.
  • Getting Started - Information you’ll need to complete prerequisites for integrating with the Vesta Platform, including creating a Vesta account, obtaining API credentials, and setting up webhooks.
  • Vesta Console - An overview of the features available in the Vesta Console.
  • Web App Direct API Integration Guide - A step-by-step guide for using Vesta’s REST API to integrate the Vesta Platform with your site.
  • Web App JavaScript Integration Guide- A step-by-step guide for using the VestaJS library to integrate the Vesta Platform with your site.
  • Android Integration Guide - A step-by-step guide for using the Vesta Android SDK to integrate the Vesta Platform with your Android application.
  • iOS Integration Guide - A step-by-step guide for using the Vesta iOS SDK to integrate the Vesta Platform with your iOS application.
  • Channel Partner Direct API Integration Guide - A guide for channel partners using Vesta’s REST API to integrate the Vesta Platform into merchant sites.
  • Certification and Testing - An overview of the certification and testing process for new integrations. Start here to identify the resources you will need and the steps that you will take to integrate Vesta’s tools with your eCommerce site.
  • Development Environments - A list of the base URLs you will use when making calls to the Vesta API depending on your business’ region.


The table below describes the features available through the Vesta Platform:

Feature Description Vesta Payment Guarantee Vesta Payment Protect
Fraud Score Vesta assigns a fraud score to each transaction to indicate the fraud risk associated with the transaction. The fraud score ranges from 0-100, with lower scores being safer.  
Score Insights Score insights provide clear information about why Vesta assigned the fraud score to the transaction.
Guaranteed Revenue If Vesta guarantees a transaction, Vesta will cover the costs of a chargeback, if that transaction is later determined to be fraudulent.  
Shopify Integration Vesta’s Shopify extension makes it easy to add Vesta Payment Guarantee to your Shopify store.  
Chargeback Management The Vesta Console includes tools to help you manage chargebacks.  
Device Fingerprinting Vesta uses the unique characteristics of the device used to access your site as an important component of our fraud detection algorithms.
Behavioral Intelligence Vesta tracks your customer’s shopping behavior to help identify potential fraud.
Summary Page View order details and assess risk.
Add Positive Entries Whitelist customers, so that Vesta will always accept their transactions.
Add Negative Entries Blacklist known bad customers, so that Vesta will automatically block their transactions.
User Management Add/remove and set permissions for your organization’s Vesta users.
JavaScript Integration VestaJS libraries make it easy to add the capabilities of the Vesta Platform to your eCommerce site.
Event Based The Vesta Platform’s event-based architecture makes it possible to automate many of the integration steps.
API Integration Vesta’s REST APIs provide ways to fully customize your eCommerce site while maintaining the protection provided by Vesta.
Business Insights Reports that help you identify opportunities and risks associated with the transactions you submit.
Mobile App SDKs Android and iOS SDKs that make is easy to add Vesta’s fraud protection to your mobile eCommerce experience.