Vesta Console

The Vesta Console allows you to access details about your business and manage users. It provides the following features:

  • Dashboard - Provides an overview of your revenue and fraud prevention stats.
  • Risk Management - Detailed status of your transactions and exception rule management.
  • Account Management - Information about the businesses and users associated with your Vesta account.
  • Business Insights - Performance reports on your orders and chargebacks.


After you log in to the Console, you will see the Dashboard, which shows you an overview of your transactions and revenue as well as information about your transaction risk:

Console - Dashboard

Use the top navigation to switch between the Dashboard, Risk Management, Account Management , and Business Insights pages. You can also access features for switching your preferred language, checking your notifications, accessing support, and managing your user account information:

Console - Navigation

Onboarding: When you first log in, you may see a “Let’s get you onboarded” panel on the right side of the page. See the Getting Started and Certification and Testing pages for details about the onboarding process. Click the arrow in the upper right of the onboarding panel to collapse it.

Risk Management

The Risk Management page shows you details about the risk level of your transactions:

Console - Risk Management

Click Filed Chargebacks in the upper left of the Risk Management page to see the status of all of your filed chargebacks:

Console - Filed Chargebacks

The left-hand navigation of the Risk Management page lets you select from different views and categories:

Console - Risk Management

Account Management

The Account Management section provides you with information about your account. This is where you will manage your business information such as contact details, billing information and management of users subscribed to your Vesta account:

Console - Account Management

The left-hand navigation on the Account Management page lets you switch between Businesses, Users, and My Account pages:

Console - Account Management - Navigation

The Users page lets you add and remove users and update permissions for people who can access your account:

Console - Account Management - Users

Business Insights

The Business Insights page provides payment status for your orders as well as a detailed chargeback and refund analysis:

Console - Business Insights

Select the $ icon in the left-hand navigation to open the Chargebacks and Refunds page:

Console - Business Insights - Chargebacks and Refunds