Vesta Payment Guarantee

Vesta Payment Guarantee adds fraud protection services to your eCommerce solution and provides a guarantee that covers the cost of the transaction if it is returned as fraudulent. Our decades of experience dealing with transaction fraud enables us to design machine learning models that use device and historical data to do an exceptional job distinguishing between good and fraudulent transactions in under one second.

Vesta Payment Guarantee includes our Zero-Fraud Guarantee. If we guarantee a transaction that is later determined to be fraudulent, Vesta will handle the associated costs.


Vesta Payment Guarantee includes the following features, that augment our fraud detection and prevention tools:

  • Guaranteed Revenue - If Vesta guarantees a transaction, Vesta will cover the costs of a chargeback if that transaction is later determined to be fraudulent.
  • Shopify Integration - Vesta’s Shopify extension makes it easy to add Vesta Payment Guarantee to your Shopify store.
  • Chargeback Management - The Vesta Console includes tools to help you manage chargebacks.