Vesta Payment Protect

Vesta Payment Protect assigns a risk score and provides score insights to every transaction in half of a second. Vesta Payment Protect adds tools, like a Case Management Console and Rules Management, to help you accept more transactions making it easy to understand and act against fraud.


Vesta Payment Protect includes the following features:

  • Fraud Score - Vesta assigns a fraud score to each transaction to indicate the fraud risk associated with the transaction. The fraud score ranges from 0-100, with lower scores being safer.
  • Score Insights - Score insights provide clear information about why Vesta assigned the fraud score to the transaction.
  • Decision Management - The Vesta Console includes tools to help you decide whether to accept or reject certain transactions.

Rules Editor and Policy Editor

Vesta Payment Protect makes it easy for you to define rules that automate your order decisions. Our machine learning model provides you with a Risk Score that tells you how safe or risky the order is, and you set thresholds for whether you will approve, decline, or pend transactions based on your risk tolerance. Our Vesta Payment Protect engine calculates other variables for you that help you measure other aspects of the order, and you create conditions that evaluate scenarios you care about. When you get an order, our decision engine runs these rules with the priority that you set, giving you the decision that you crafted in the perfect policy to fit your needs.