VTEX - Guaranteed Fraud Protection

Adding Vesta’s fraud protection services to your eCommerce platform makes it easy to approve more safe transactions and reject only the transactions that are fraudulent.

The Guaranteed Fraud Protection extension provides the following benefits:

  • Improve Your Bottom Line - Maximize revenue by reducing the number of false positives and friction points.
  • No Fraud Chargeback Guarantee - Vesta’s fraud expertise helps you stop payment-fraud-based chargebacks, which reduces the time and resources you spend on chargeback remediation.
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment - Seamless pre-auth decisioning keeps the checkout experience frictionless, which reduces cart abandonment while still keeping your business safe.


To use the Vesta Payment Guarantee app you must have accounts with both Vesta and VTEX IO. If you have not installed the VTEX platform, please refer to the download instructions on their developer site. An Owner role type is commonly used for this type of installation; however, if you have a custom role, it must have master access to complete the installation. You will also need a basic understanding of command line entries for your operating system.


Start by installing Payment Guarantee from the VTEX platform by navigating to the Payment Settings, then Gateway Affiliations, to set up Vesta as your Anti-fraud provider. Then, you will use Vesta Payment Guarantee, as shown in the image below, when setting up payment conditions for any of your providers.

Our easy installation, configuration, and setup process will have your VTEX orders guaranteed in a matter of minutes.

For more details, download a user guide in your language: English, or Spanish.


How does Vesta protect VTEX store owners’ revenue?

Vesta’s zero-fraud-liability guarantee completely protects VTEX owners from all fraud chargeback liability. If Vesta approves a payment, and the cardholder files a fraud chargeback claim later, we will cover the loss and any associated fees.

How does Vesta help store owners increase their revenue?

Guaranteed Fraud Protection helps store owners maximize their revenue by increasing approvals and eliminating friction for shoppers. Approval decisions take place with no identity verification steps. The time between checkout and approval feels instant, which means good shoppers won’t get frustrated by approval delays.

Even for non-guaranteed orders, store owners can use Vesta’s Order Summary page to get more information and choose to capture additional transactions to further drive-up approvals.

I didn’t receive a registration email after downloading the app. What should I do?

To receive the registration e-mail you must have access to the address you supply when adding Vesta Payment Guarantee as a Gateway Affiliate. Uninstalling and reinstalling the application with the correct e-mail address will not fix this issue. Please call Vesta Support at 1-888-208-6232 M-F 8-5 Pacific or email [email protected].

Where is the product available?

Vesta Payment Guarantee is currently available for the United States and LATAM region except for Chile and Brasil. Check back here for updates, as we will add more countries in the future.

What payment gateways are supported?

Vesta supports all VTEX Payment Gateways that are available as an affiliate or app store download.

Does the Vesta app for VTEX support installments?

​ Yes. Vesta will apply it’s fraud analysis on the total order amount based on the initial checkout when purchasing an installment plan.